Trinity Diamond Tools


Resin Bonds Diamond and CBN Wheels are made according to International Standards and Customers' Drawings. Resin Bonds are known for high cutting efficiency. Resin Bonds are used in dry and wet grinding on both manual and automatic feed grinding machines. The required properties are achieved by the phenolic resins. Metal Bonds are meant for high resistance to wear. Metal Bonds tend to give particularly long life, but are generally inferior to resin bonds with regard to material removal rate. The use of coolant for metal bonds is a must. In exceptional cases of small contact surfaces, dry grinding may be employed.

Electroplated Diamond Electroplated Bonds are tools and wheels with Single Layer of Diamond or CBN, bonded to the wheel body by nickel electroplating process. The electroplated layer allows forms to be accurately coated which is not possible in the sintering process and give very cool cutting on wet or dry applications.

Stripping and Replating Services : A complete stripping, refurbishing and replating service is available for both standard and custom diamond tooling. Steel blanks in good condition can normally be stripped and replated.

Diamond / CBN Internal Grinding Wheels can be had in Resin, Metal or Electroplated Bonds.
Diamond Internal Grinding Wheels are suited for non ferrous materials machining such as: Tungsten Carbide, Ceramics, Sapphire, Glass, Stones, Fibre Reinforced Plastics etc.

CBN Internal Grinding Wheels are usually used for hard ferrous materials over 45 HRC such as High Carbon, High Chrome Steels etc.

Resin / Metal Bond Internal Grinding Wheels can be had from minimum 4.0 mm diameter to 40.0mm against specific orders.

Electroplated Diamond / CBN Internal Grinding Wheels are available from 1.0mm to 30.0mm diameter in ready stock. Orders for special dimensions can also be executed in shortest time.

Recommended Use : Low wheel speed is one of the major causes of poor performance in super abrasive products like Diamond or CBN. Wheel loading and heat build-up are common signs of low RPM. The recommended speed for Electroplated Diamond Internal Grinding Wheel is 2100 to 3600 m/min and for Electroplated CBN Wheel is 3600 to 6000 m/min. The suggested feed vary from 0.005mm to 0.05mm depending on the material ground. Coolant should be used wherever possible, but can be used dry successfully.

Diamond filesDiamond Files are offered in the form of Needle Files, Riffler Files, Diprofil Files and in the normal sizes. Machine files also can be supplied against customer's specifications.

Diamond Needle Files are usually available in three different grit sizes, namely,


Coarse – 80/100 Grit
Medium – 140/170 Grit
Fine – 200/230 Grit

It is available in various shapes like

Flat Round Triangle
Square Half Round Taper Flat
Knife Edge Barrette Slitting

The standard size of the needle file is

  1. 160mm Overall Length
  2. 80mm Coated Length

Diamond Saws and Slitting Wheels are manufactured in Metal Bond and Electroplated Bond.

Metal Bond Diamond Saws are made upto 350 mm diameter, suitable for sawing and slitting

Tungsten Carbide Ceramics Quartz
Glass Silicon Carbide Abrasives

Electroplated Diamond Saws are made from 50dia to 350 dia and advised for

Brake Linings Asbestos Hard Plastics
Carbon Fibre and Epoxy Reinforced Plastics

Diamond Dressers Diamond Dressers are made of Diamonds that have Supreme Hardness and High Wear Resistance. Types that are manufactured are

  1. Single Point Diamond Dressers
  2. Multi Point Diamond Dressers
  3. Impregnated Diamond Dressers
  4. Blade Type Diamond Dressers
  5. Chisel Point Diamond Dressers
  6. Cone Point Diamond Dressers

Others ProductsOTHER PRODUCTS :

  • Rockwell Diamond Indentors
  • Diamond Lapping Pastes
  • Diamond Honing Sticks
  • Diamond Cone Laps



 Diamond Tools for glass industryDIAMOND TOOLS FOR GLASS INDUSTRIES

Diamond Tools are used for processing of Automotive Glasses, Plate Glasses etc.

Our product ranges for Glass processing includes Diamond Tube Drills, Pencil Edging Wheels, Slitting Wheels, Periphery Wheels, Cup Wheels, Flat Bevel Grinding Wheels etc.

Diamond Tube Drills can be given from minimum of 5mm to 100mm diameter. Pencil or C edge wheels are available for minimum of 3mm to maximum of 12mm thick glasses.

Other wheels like Slitting Wheels, Periphery wheels and Cup wheels can be made to the specifications of the customers.